Since its beginning in 2008, Fraction Magazine has been devoted to providing photographers with a platform to gain exposure and recognition for their work. In January 2012, Fraction extended this mission by allowing featured photographers to sell work and to attract new collectors through its monthly print sale, Fraction Editions. Ten percent of each sale from Fraction Editions goes into the Fraction Acquisition Fund, which is then earmarked for the purchase of photographs to be donated to select museums.

For its first donation, Fraction purchased 11 photographs to gift to the University of New Mexico Art Museum.  Seven of the images are prints by Cheryle St. Onge, and four are unique tintypes by S. Gayle Stevens. Michele Penhall, Curator of Prints and Photographs at the museum said “…these new additions to our collection help support our pedagogical mission to educate through art and also provide to our students and the greater community exciting examples of contemporary work from emerging artists.”

The University of New Mexico Art Museum was founded in 1963 and has the largest fine art collection in the state. The University Art Museum is the only state institution to regularly exhibit world-class art from outside the region. Fraction Magazine is honored to both contribute to the museum’s permanent collection and to advance the careers of these artists by adding their work to this important collection.

In a statement about this first gift, David Bram remarked, “I wanted to find a way to give back to the Fraction artists and to provide an opportunity for photographs to move from the virtual wall to the museum wall so that the qualities inherent in the original works can be appreciated in person. I am happy to be able to purchase work directly from these talented artists and see them become part of an important museum collection.”

Please consider supporting emerging photographers and purchasing original art through Fraction Editions.