Astoria Six

Issue 42

The last week of July (July 25 to July 30, 2012), Jennifer Schwartz and I hosted the Roundtable Retreat where six invited photographers came to participate in a four-day, five-night retreat on the Oregon coast. The goal was for each photographer to strengthen and package a portfolio of work and develop a plan to strategically launch a project.

Photographers were invited to participate based on their work, experience and willingness to share and explore as a group. The intimate nature of the retreat was designed to foster community and create dialog around the work, as each participant brings different perspectives and ideas.

The group came together both personally and creatively in the most amazing way. They became the Astoria Six, replete with a logo and nicknames. The formal agenda included discussions and instruction on writing an artist statement, finding your audience, navigating portfolio reviews, social media and websites, and more. But it was the time spent informally discussing art and life and fears and successes that were some of the most productive and gratifying moments of the week.

- David Bram, editor