A brand new site, and new beginning

The final hours of May are coming to an end and it's time for me to announce Issue 63 and the new website.  I am exhausted and nervous and think that everything is mostly good to go.  Of course we will find little problems and I will get email from people who love the new layout as well as from those who don't.  It's the way it goes.

This has been several months in the making and a solid month of hard work.  With the help of Bree Lamb and Jennifer Schwartz, Fraction has moved from a tired and old CMS to a new and vibrant one; SquareSpace. 

I don't want to get into all the reasons why my previous platform (Indexhibit) was so bad and why I stayed with it so long but I will happily say that I am really pleased with the new platform and SquareSpace. I am really sorry that I waited so long.

As I mentioned above, Bree Lamb and Jennifer Schwartz were both pivotal in the migration and set-up of the new site.  Bree was nothing short of brilliant and patient and Jennifer was the voice of reason and calm when I was getting a little crazy.  Without them, this new site would not be what it is.  I am sincerely grateful to the both of them.

I would also like to thank SquareSpace and it's amazing support staff who respond to email faster than any other company I know.  They are super polite and helpful and I am thrilled that they now support Fraction.  I hope to announce a collaboration shortly. 

I am truly honored to show the world Daniel W Coburn's new work "Waiting for Rapture".  I think it is worthy of high praise and recognition.  The same goes for the other work in this issue.  Showing the Fraction audience the work of Rhea Karam could not have come at a better time.  Pedro David's work is frustrating and beautiful.  Sandi Haber-Fifield's work is thought provoking and curious.  I love the way it all fits together.

And as usual, Leo Hsu writes a terrific book review, this time it's for H. Lee's "Grassland".

I hope you like what we've done here.  No matter, if you would like to leave a comment here or use the new contact page below to write to me privately, I will welcome it.

In the future, the blog will have more posts from me, as well as other contributors.  

As always, thanks for checking out the latest from Fraction.

With gratitude,
david bram