Below are statements from photographers who have been featured on Fraction. "Being featured in Fraction Magazine was like being invited to join a wonderful family of image makers, celebrated in the best possible light and allowed to speak in our own voices, which isn't the norm in most families. It was fantastic to be a part of the Fraction Holiday Sale, which helped offset the costs of Christmas gifts and led to having work in a wonderful gallery. There is no hidden agenda with Fraction or David; it's all about showcasing us in the best possible way and celebrating our unique visions. I look forward to whatever comes down the pike in the Fraction world, as I'm sure it will be amazing and innovative." - Aline Smithson - Issue 19

"Fraction has undoubtedly helped me to gain a larger audience for my work, but beyond that, the way that the different portfolios within Issue 10 exist in conversation with each other has helped me to think about portraiture in different ways. It’s also an honor to have my work shown in such great company. I’m also grateful to David for giving me a chance to write book reviews for Fraction and for supporting my creative work in countless ways." - Ellen Rennard - Issue 10

"I was very pleased to have had my work included in issue 8 of Fraction. I was contacted and received feedback from a number of people who had viewed my photographs in Fraction. Each issue is very thoughtfully assembled, a diverse yet cohesive blend of imagery. I look forward to the first of each month when the latest issue is revealed, and I am able to view new bodies of work by fellow photographers whose work I have had admired alongside portfolios by photographers whose work is new to me." - Ken Rosenthal - Issue 8

"My series, Trailers Collected, was included in Issue 23. It was presented in a simple and complete manner that honored my work. The selection of portfolios from several artists was dynamic and interesting, with themes that complimented and questioned one another. I have enjoyed an excellent response from inclusion in the highly respected publication, Fraction Magazine." - Nan Brown - Issue 23

"Being featured in Fraction Magazine was one of the best things to happen for my art in the past year. Besides the exposure to thousands of new viewers and a very significant uptick in the number of visitors to my website, it also provided me with the opportunity to present the Promised Lands series in its entirety to the public. In the past, I had been able to show only one or a few images from this series in exhibitions and other features. While beneficial, this type of limited exposure for my work did not allow me to fully communicate the ideas behind and context for this body of work - which is important because, without this, they can be interpreted as just another bunch of pretty landscape photos. Being able to show the project in its entirety along with my artist statement featured prominently beside it meant a lot to me because it allowed my work to have the voice I believe it deserves. Thank you once again for this amazing opportunity." - Donna J Wan - Issue 14

"Having my photos on Fraction generated some great feedback and led to my work being shown on another website. It was awesome to be shown beside some talented photographers, plus David was cool to work with." - Noah Beil - Issue 19

"For me, Fraction Magazine was not just a beautiful showcase for my work, but a chance to be seen among photographers I admire. And David is such a champion for the photographers he shows, happily promoting them like a proud father. I'm so pleased to be a part of the Fraction family." - Joseph O Holmes - Issue 22

"Having work featured in Fraction in its early days was a boost to my confidence in the pictures I was making, and a boost to getting my work shown and known. Thank you so much for your support, it has meant a lot to me as an artist." - Suzanne Revy - Issue 4

"David Bram's self-less and seemingly unbounded energy is focused on finding artists and giving them voice, as it has been for the last three years in Fraction Magazine. His commitment to looking at the work of thousands of photographers to provide a direct forum for their changing concerns and their vision has generated an impressive and noteworthy venue that is FRACTION MAGAZINE. VIVA LA FRACTION" - Sharon Harper - Issue 19

"My Thrills & Chills work gained a great deal of visibility through its publication in Fraction Magazine. I attended Fotofest and Review Santa Fe last year, and several reviewers noted that they had seen my work in Fraction Magazine. In a mere 3 years, Fraction Magazine has attracted an audience of curators, publishers and gallerists. It's clear to me that being published in Fraction Magazine can have significant career impacts, particularly for an emerging artist.

David has been a passionate supporter of my work and he regularly shares news about my work on Fraction Magazine's blog and social media channels. Most importantly, though, he's become a trusted friend whose advice and encouragement I value greatly." - Isa Leshko - Issue 12

"Even after three years, I continue to get web traffic on my portfolio site from Fraction Magazine. Thanks, Fraction, for all the new photographs to look at and for promoting artists." - Andy Mattern - Issue 2

"Being featured in Fraction was an important confidence-booster early in my career, a leap of faith by David Bram and an act of public encouragement that made me determined to continue working. For the first time, I began to feel there might be an audience for my images, and subsequent events strengthened that impression. And it was an honor and a pleasure to see my work alongside that of other artists whom I admire." - Michael Sebastian - Issue 7

"Obviously, I was thrilled to show my work in Fraction Magazine in the winter of 2010. It was a major accomplishment, and I was honored to be included in an issue with Brian Ulrich and John Divola. But for me, Fraction's biggest impact is as a visual resource. I teach with it, as Fraction Magazine is the perfect vehicle to show my students what photographers are seeing and thinking about in every corner of the planet. I'm so glad and grateful that David Bram has devoted 3 years of his life to promoting and sharing the vision of so many talented photographic artists." - Jonathan Blaustein - Issue 11

"For the first time I debuted brand new work on a website other than my own. David did a great job with the layout, promotion, and support of my new images, and I know a lot of fresh eyes were exposed to my project because of it. Thanks for all the hard work!" - Daniel Shea - Issue 17

"The exposure my work has received (from Fraction) has been great! It is obvious Fraction has a large viewing audience, by all the responses I have gotten. Nicely done!" - William Greiner - Issue 13

"I was a fan of Fraction before I was in Fraction, so I was thrilled to be a part of it alongside such greats as John Divola and Brian Ulrich. David Bram has been incredibly supportive of me and my work for years, and that relationship was forged through Fraction. His support of photographers is sincere and long lasting, and I feel lucky to be on the receiving end of it." - Liz Kuball - Issue 11

"I was featured on Fraction Magazine twice, and in both instances numerous curators, gallerists, and photographers, told me they recognized my work from this publication. I can’t say enough good things about working with David. He is professional, helpful and has a very discerning eye. I loved his tweet about me, after Fotoest 2009 as well!" - Lydia Panas - Issue 14

"Living in Japan where we do not have on-line photography magazines, being featured on Issue 12 (March 2010) of Fraction Magazine was an invaluable experience for me. Despite being half way around the globe, it gave me international exposure to the photography world, which could not have happened without meeting Fraction. I am honored to have been selected and it helped build up my confidence as a photographer. Thank you for your kind support!" - Celine Wu - Issue 12

"It's been a pleasure to publish my series "Unsettled" in Fraction magazine. Thanks a lot to David Bram for his enthousiasm in creating an audience for me and other fortunate photographers." - Isabelle Pateer - Issue 16

"I was honored to be invited to be part of Fraction's First Anniversary issue. My work was presented beautifully and I am grateful for the vast exposure Fraction provided my photography. Fraction is one of photography's treasures." - James Friedman - Issue 7

"Over the past three years Fraction Magazine has emerged into one of the premiere online platforms for emerging and established photographers who aim to introduce new work to a wider audience. As a contributing photographer and writer, I'd like to congratulate David Bram for creating a fresh and exciting community of photographic talent. I look forward to seeing what's in store for the next three years. Happy Anniversary!" - Susan Burnstine - Issue 23

"Appearing in Fraction Magazine exposed my project to a broad and diverse audience I couldn't have reached on my own. The exposure generated immediate positive and thoughtful feedback as well as setting the foundation for future opportunities. " - Warren Harold - Issue 21

"The wonderful part of being involved with Fraction is the community building that it and David individually facilitate. Through my exposure in Fraction I have made numerous connections to other photographers with whom regular correspondence is an invaluable aspect of my involvement in the field. David also goes out of his way to forge connections outside of Fraction, whether its introductions at an opening or inviting a bunch of photographers to get together for a meal when he's in town. The support of David and Fraction has been indispensable in broadening my involvement in the photographic community. Thanks David, and good luck carrying Fraction forward!" - Phil Underdown - Issue 17

"Being selected for an issue of Fraction Magazine has been an honor and one of the most rewarding experiences in my artistic career. I think many would agree that being showcased Fraction is in many ways a milestone in an artists life. An event that is both humbling and thrilling. I can't tell you how many emails I received from people responding to the work and the issue itself. It was really delightful to make introductions at various events months after and have those people know my name and my work based on my exposure in the magazine. And I whole-heartedly believe that I have been asked to give visiting artist lectures directly because I was a part of this amazing publication. I'm proud to have been a part of Fraction and continue to be an ardent fan of this Magazine." - Meg Griffiths - Issue 22

"Fraction is a beautifully designed and tasteful site that represents the future of galleries. Having a place like Fraction Magazine to show my photos is invaluable to me as an artist. David Bram and Fraction Magazine have given photographers like myself a place to be seen by thousands of people that may have never found our work. " - Bootsy Holler - Issue 24

"My work was previously unseen before David Bram subtly prompted me to show a portfolio in Fraction. Since then, several exhibition and publication opportunities have presented themselves. But more importantly, the strong encouragement from a number of established photographer’s who saw the work in Fraction has shifted my focus to dedicate more time to a career as an artist. None of this would have happened without David’s initial belief in my work." - Antone Dolezal - Issue 24

"When I first met David at the Center Review in 2009 I was honored to show him my work and subsequently be included in one of Fraction's early issues. Since then my fine art career has continued to blossom due to the exposure and I've been fortunate enough to be in yet another edition of Fraction. Not only does David have a great eye but he's also incredibly kind and supportive of his chosen artists, which is truly a rarity in this field. I'm privileged to know him and be a part of the Fraction family." - Kerry Mansfield - Issue 20

"Being on Fraction has really exposed my work to many people that were not familiar with it. I've had many experiences where people I've shown the work to have said "Oh yes, I saw your work on Fraction." Having that introduction to the work and its themes makes my job easier when introducing it to galleries and other venues. Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta is a good example of this. I just met with them recently, and they mentioned the Fraction issue. Jennifer has decided to represent my work, and I think the Fraction appearance has a lot to do with that." - Jeff Rich - Issue 21

"These days it seems being featured in a curated online gallery is as good or better than a show in the real world…the exposure is to a much broader audience and you don't have all that awkward small talk. Being featured in Fraction helped me feel personally validated and humbled to be part of such a diverse creative community. The work I see in Fraction inspires me to grow as an artist and I am thankful for David's tireless efforts to champion the emerging photographer". - Clay Lipsky - Issue 26

"Whenever I check my website stats, Fraction continues to be a good source of referrals. I was featured quite a while ago, so this shows that people look at Fraction's past issues in addition to the most recent ones!" - Beth Yarnelle Edwards - Issue 21

"David Bram offers a level of support and commitment to the artists he shows that goes above and beyond a singular issue of Fraction Magazine. I am proud to have shown my work in Fraction and to be a member of the larger Fraction community." - Kristen Fecker Peroni - Issue 24

"Fraction not only helped me bring my work to a much wider audience, but it put me in contact with a large amount of great photographers whom I never would have met otherwise." - Michael Barolet - Issue 20

"Working with David and the inaugural issue of Fraction J was an exciting and rewarding venture for myself and LUCEO Images. High quality online publications have paved the way for a new generation to find their photographic voice and share it with others, and we have watched Fraction emerge as a leader. At LUCEO we approach this photographic life as a team, and it was our pleasure to have the opportunity to be presented as such on the Fraction platform." - David Walter Banks - Issue 1 of Fraction J

"My work has been featured in allot of magazines over the years, some small, some large, some local and some national, but none that I felt any prouder of than Fraction. David has put together a magazine that is uniquely unpretentious yet contemporary and profoundly interesting." - Kirk Gittings - Issue 6

"I was honored to be part of one of the first issues of Fraction Magazine, and it's been absolutely amazing to see how much it has grown over the last three years. I was struck how much time and effort was put into making the start of the magazine successful. I look forward every month to a new issue and seeing a group of amazing portfolios. That kind of inspiration if vital in this photographic pursuit. Don't ever stop." - Mark Geil - Issue 1

"After being selected by David to be a part of New Directions 2011, he invited me to share my work on Fraction. I remain grateful for his continual support of my work, and incredibly appreciative of his promotion of emerging artists. Fraction has exposed my work to a new community, one that shares his enthusiasm for photography. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to share my work with his audience." - Steven Beckly - Issue 24

"Fraction Magazine was, and continues to be, instrumental in the promotion of my photography and self-published monograph. Having been one of the first online publications to feature the series ROAD ENDS IN WATER, it has proved to be a spring board to many other exceptional opportunities. With an energetic and consistent pursuit of talented artists, both lesser known and well established, Fraction has become an important component to contemporary photography. The ambitious and selfless nature that started the Magazine three years ago continues to seek out and implement innovative ways to promote photographic artists. For much more than can possibly be quantified, I would like to say thank you." - Eliot Dudik - Issue 19

"David Bram has made a wonderful, unique approach to an online magazine by creating Fraction and it's many subsets, where many artists of all styles are well represented and curated together with one another. The issue in which David put my Object Diaspora series, was a cohesive issue with many other great artists I was excited to be a part of. In addition, Fraction was a great way to get my work seen by people who may not have known of it otherwise. I'm fortunate enough to also have David Bram in our community in New Mexico, where he has contributed not only through Fraction, but in many other positive ways as well, he's a great addition to the art community here. Thank you David!" - Jennifer Schlesinger - Issue 23

"I've been honored to have work included in two editions of Fraction J. In my estimation, the real value of this publication lies in its ability to reach a critical mass of informed, interested, and sophisticated viewers. There are plenty of outlets for photographic work, but very few that offer the targeted reach that Fraction brings to the table. From a marketing perspective, Fraction has fostered a unique set of relationships that offer a degree of precision that is critical to reaching an audience that not only appreciates photography, but also pays for it." - Matt Slaby - Issue 1 of Fraction J

"Being able to participate in Fraction Magazine was a great experience for me. It drew in a lot of new traffic to my website and was a great forum for generating discussion about my work. I appreciate David's knowledge and love of the medium and his ability to put together an online publication showcasing such high quality work. I was honored to be a part of it." - Haley Samuelson - Issue 20

"My personal project, "Dying Beautifully", documented close friends, Billie and Chet, on the last day of Chet's life and through the following process leading to his cremation 5 days later. Obviously a very sensitive story that demanded the utmost care. David's collaborative process, simple portfolio presentation, and growing distribution respected the work and shared it with a large and appreciative audience of fellow photographers and other piers in the photography industry. Several libraries picked up our small book for their collections and I know from the many personal notes I received from Fraction readers sharing with me their own intimate experiences, that Chet's story of approaching death openly and mindfully touched many people. That's all I ever wanted this project to do." - Jason Houston - Issue 18

"David Bram has that charming quality that one encounters in the best supporters of the arts: a love and understanding of photography in all it's diverse forms and the ability to make you, the artist, feel as if you were the greatest thing since sliced bread. His tireless devotion to Fraction Magazine and all it's iterations speaks to his service to our community in regularly featuring fresh new content from the unique, accomplished voices that make up our working photographic community. David featured my then very nascent project, Cholita, and the response and support helped guide me so that the project today is one trip away from completion. We are very lucky to have venues like Fraction Magazine that provide consistent, quality outlets for the support of our work to a broader audience and people like David Bram to helm them." - Susanna Raab - Issue 8

"I've been an admirer of David's work with Fraction for awhile so I was very honored to be included in Issue 15. David and Fraction Magazine are at the forefront of online photography publishing. I always look forward to being surprised and challenged when each issue hits the web." - Bryan Formhals - Issue 15

"I look at Fraction as the best curated publication for photography, anywhere. David takes the time to notice what's being done and pulls together thoughtful selections of photographers who's work bounces off each other in a most meaningful way. To have been included in Fraction was quite a thrill, and to see my work mixed in with the work of other fantastic photographers who's work I admire made the experience even more special. Fraction is the real deal, and being included in it's pages is truly an honor." - Mike Peters - Issue 22

"Inclusion of my work in the PhotoNOLA issue of Fraction Magazine was truly an honor. The attention that David gave to my work and to the festival we have been growing down in New Orleans has been very special. Each time I visit the magazine I am constantly amazed by the remarkable work of my peers. I have come to trust David's eye so much, that now that I am also managing a gallery, I find that I refer often to work he showcases in order that I might discover work that I will have seen nowhere else." - Bryce Lankard - Issue 5

"Having my work in Fraction magazine has led to exhibition opportunities and publication in additional books and magazines. Fraction helped to deliver my images to a community of patrons and professional artists and David continues to support my work in the form of its promotion whenever he can. Several industry professionals and gallerists have mentioned seeing my work in Fraction Magazine first. Fraction magazine is a an invaluable resource for the photographic artist and art community alike." - Daniel W Coburn - Issue 20

"It was a delight to be part of Fraction and all of the other talented artist you chose over the last three years. It was a great confident boost to be able share my work with a new audience. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours." - Heidi Romano - Issue 25

"Having my work featured in Fraction Magazine was such a rewarding experience. I felt an immediate kinship with David after reading his juror statement for New Directions 2011 in which I was an artist. His words concerning portraiture connected with me and I was thrilled to be asked to be in Issue 24 of Fraction. The opportunity to present my work to a broader audience of art photography enthusiasts has been very beneficial. Because of the Fraction exposure, I have been invited to be in several magazines and shows and have been introduced to the work of many amazing photographers. " - Leon Alesi - Issue 24

"It's been a great honor to be included in multiple portfolios on the Fraction website. Fraction was the first place I chose to exhibit a brand new body of work. I was proud to be in the amazing company of the other artists showing and to be working with David. Not only has Fraction allowed me unprecedented virtual exposure but it has led to physical opportunities and personal relationships. This is what I consider the real strength of Fraction- the ability to give artists the chance to straddle both the virtual and physical exhibition worlds. David has become more than simply and industry contact, but someone I connected with on many personal levels. I look forward to the opportunity to work with David in the near future!" - Jesse Burke - Issue 25

"David, thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me personally and has been been a great career boost. Being part of issue # 23 was a privilege and an honor; to be in such an esteemed publication and to share that platform with such amazing artists." - S Gayle Stevens - Issue 23

"David Bram has created a place for work to be shown in a manner that is both direct and intelligent. Fraction Magazine is growing and evolving, but stays true to the idea of presenting strong photographic works. As an educator I often turn to Fraction to show examples of work and statements being produced by contemporary photographers from a wide variety of disciplines. Not only has Fraction helped me by getting my work out there, but it helps me by giving me a a great resources from which to draw on in the classroom." - Tom Leininger - Issue 13