The following is a list of books reviewed on Fraction Magazine.

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic - National Geographic Society

A New Kind of Beauty - Philip Toledano

Aeronautics in the Backyard - Xiaoxiao Xu

And - Katrina Umber

And Every Day Was Overcast - Paul Kwiatkowski

Aramco: Above the Oil Fields - Ayesha Malik

ARCHAEOLOGY and the shape of time - Edward Ranney and Richard Benson

The Auckland Project - John Gossage and Alec Soth

Aunties: The Seven Summers of Alevtina and Ludmila - Nadia Sablin

Ballenesque - Roger Ballen: A Retrospective - Roger Ballen

Bedknobs & Broomsticks - Trent Parke

Believing is Seeing - Errol Morris

Bill Woods' Business - Bill Woods

The Black Eye - Michal Chelbin

Bottom of 'da Boot - Kael Alford

The Bridge At Hoover Dam - Jamie Stillings

Brighter Later - Brian David Stevens

Brooklyn + Klein - William Klein

The Burn - Jane Fulton Alt

The Canadians - photographs from The Globe and Mail archives

The City of Children - Monika Merva

Control Order House - Edmund Clark

Death Takes a Holiday - Darin Mickey

The Decisive Moment - Henri Cartier-Bresson

Descendants - Norman Mauskopf

Desire for Magic - Patrick Nagatani

The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer - Amani Willett

Disquiet - Amani Willett

Documentum - Founding editors: William Boling, Dawn Kim, Stephen Shore

Dolls and Masks - Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Dora Maar: Paris in the Time of Man Ra, Jean Cocteau, and Picasso - Louise Baring

Down Country: The Tano of the Galisteo Basin - Edward Ranney

Drowned River: The Death & Rebirth of Glen Canyon on the Colorado - Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe

Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now - Elvind Natvig

Early American - Sharon Core

Earth Now: American Photographers and the Environment - catalog from New Mexico Museum of Art exhibition, curated by Kate Ware

Elegy - Justin Kimball

Elementary Calculus - J. Carrier

Expired - Kerry Mansfield

Framing the West: The Survey Photograph of Timothy H. O’Sullivan

From Above and Below - Sharon Harper

Gita Lenz: Photographs

Grassland - H Lee

Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out - Edmund Clark

HELLAS: Photographs of Modern Greece - William Abranowicz

Highway Kind - Justine Kurland

Homegrown - Julie Blackmon

Homeplace - Sarah Christianson

iDubai - Joel Sternfeld

In the Places of the Spirits - David Grant Noble

Intermarried - Yael Ben-Zion

It's Time to Move - Dominic Nahr and Peter Wieben

Landscape 2 - Toshio Shibata

Le Crowbar - Tom Hunter

Left Behind - Jonathan Hollingsworth

Legendary: Inside the House Ballroom Scene - Gerard Gaskin

The Life of Small Things - Adam Ekberg

Liquid Land - Rena Effendi

The Lonely Ones - Gus Powell

May the Road Rise to Meet You - Sara Macel

Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement - Danny Lyon

Memory City - Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

Miss Wish - Nina Berman

Mississippi History - Maude Schuyler Clay

The Mountains of Majeed - Edmund Clark

My Dakota - Rebecca Norris Webb

Nothing But Home - Sébastien Girard

Oceanscapes - One View - Ten Years - Renate Aller

The Oldest Living Things in the World - Rachel Sussman

One Block - Dave Anderson

On a Wet Bough - Keliy Anderson-Staley

One Day by 10 Photographers

One to Nothing - Irina Rozovsky

Paradise Lost: Persia from Above - Goerg Gerster

Passengers - John Schabel

Pause, to Begin - curated by David Wright and Ethan Jones

Pieces of String - Justin Kimball

Photobooth: A Biography - Meags Fitzgerald

Photoshow - Edited by Alessandra Mauro

Photography Beyond Technique - Edited by Tom Persinger

Pictures from the Next Day - Robert Lyons

A Portrait of Ice - Caleb Cain Marcus

Provoke - Edited by Diane Dufour and Matthew Witkovsky

Publish Your Photography Book by Darius Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson

The Race - Patrick Nagatani

reGeneration2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today

Rich and Poor - Jim Goldberg

Sally Mann: The Flesh and The Spirit

Salt & Truth - Shelby Lee Adams

Seas Without a Shore - Chris Anthony

She - Lise Sarfati

she dances on Jackson - Vanessa Winship

Shoot What You Love - Henry Horenstein

Show - Henry Horenstein

SonChris Anderson

Stories from the Camera - edited by Michele M. Penhall

Subtext - André Ruesch

Super Extra Natural! - Emily Shur

Suspension - Alvaro Deprit

Taxonomy of a Landscape - Victoria Sambunaris

Tent Life: Haiti - Wyatt Gallery

Terraria Gigantica: The World Under Glass - Dana Fritz

Test of Faith: Signs, Serpents, Salvation - Lauren Pond

This Is What Hatred Did - Cristina de Middel

Vanishing America - Michael Eastman

Vision Anew - Adam Bell and Charles H. Traub, editors

Visions of Paradise - National Geographic

Walking Woman - Tanyth Berkeley

Watershed - Jeff Rich

West and West - Joe Deal

Where Will You Spend Eternity - Sylvia de Swaan

Within Shadows - Susan Burnstine

Working the Line - David Taylor

You Are You - Lindsay Morris

You and I - Ryan McGinley