Thank you for being a part of Fraction and Fraction Editions. Here's how this works:

Your photograph will be posted to the Fraction Editions page. It will be made available in an edition of 12 and as an 8.5x11. It will be signed by you, the artist.

I will need the following from you:

Image Size on 8.5x11 paper 
Paper: brand and type 
Edition: 12 
Price: $100

I will also need 5-10 sentences about this photograph, which will be posted in the image.

When a photograph sells, I will email you the name, address and email of the buyer. You need to ship within 10 calendar days. When you do ship, please email me and the buyer with the tracking number. When you send me the tracking number, I will Paypal you $65 plus the shipping cost (usually $10 for within the USA and $20 outside the USA).

How to sign the print: please sign the print on the back with your name, the edition number, the title and FRACTION EDITION.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.