With Whom Do I Have The Pleasure? by Charlie Simokaitis

Issue 65

HAMM:  Did you ever see my eyes?

CLOV:  No.

HAMM:  Did you ever have the curiosity, while I was sleeping, to take off my glasses and look at my eyes?

CLOV:  Pulling back the lids.  (Pause.)  No.

HAMM:  One of these days I’ll show them to you.  (Pause.)  It seems they’ve gone all white.  (Pause.)  What time is it?

CLOV:  The same as usual.

From Endgame by Samuel Beckett


In this project the disorientation and confusion experienced in the day-to-day is distilled into a persona visual codex.  This shorthand presents small stories within a larger narrative and connotes the heightened sense of reality born of a critical lived event.  I am intrigued by how language and form function together, sometimes counter-intuitively, to evoke an emotional response.  Here I see the relationship between images subverting the language used to make them, creating a new layer in which to experience the photographs.

Charlie Simokaitis lives and works in Chicago, IL USA
To view more of Charlie's work, please visit his website. 

(All images are Untitled)