an online exhibition from the Fraction archive, curated by Susan Spiritus

Issue 76

From the curator:

Home - Where is yours?

I have read and re-read all of the Fraction Magazine publications that have been published over the years in search for images that serve to illustrate my theme for this online exhibition about ‘Home’. Home, the word….what is a home? What thoughts do we conjure up when we think of ‘home’?

I think it is safe to say that we all have a home, or do we really all have one?  Home is where we come to at the end of the day; home is where we rest our heads at night; well, most of us do while others have to make do with what they find. Our home is a dwelling and a place that provides shelter and comfort, but not all of us have one that actually provides those basic necessities.  Another known fact about our homes is that they are all different which is so powerfully illustrated in the imagery by Noah Addis who has raised our awareness to the conditions of homes of millions of people around the world in the series, Future Cities.

Some homes are large and luxurious while others are small and quaint. Some are deep in the woods or on a hilltop, while others are patched or thatched together. Some are just barely a roof overhead with cardboard lean-to walls; others are cabins or mobile homes.   Some homes are on tree lined streets while others are on gravel paths or sandy beaches as illustrated in Irina Rozovsky’s photograph from Israel, which is untitled. No matter, homes come in all sizes and shapes, as we will see in work by Bruce Myren, Sarah Fuller, Rob Walters and Nathan Pearce.

Most of us have permanent homes; homes we cherish, but there are those who don’t have a place to call home – who wander from place to place – and take what they can find for the night, be it in a train station or bus stop, a motel room or in a parking lot as illustrated with Rainer Hosch’s images,

NYC 03:30:11 – 02:58:05PM and NYC 05:15:09 – 11:51:02AM.

The breadth of the subject ‘home’ is endless. It could be a book, but for an online exhibition I have pulled together 39 photographs, which addressed this subject, and I am grateful to the photographers who have traveled the world to expose these places and to David Bram for finding their work and bringing it to our attention in the issues of Fraction Magazine.

Additional thanks to, J. Wesley Brown, Jason Reed, Cy Kuckenbaker, Tim Hyde, Yaakov Israel, Andrew Querner, Amanda Boe, Steven Beckly, Jordan Baumgarten, Missy Prince, Maria Portolese and several others whose photographs from Baghdad, Mumbai, Manila and Iceland, New York City, San Francisco and beyond have left us with an indelible insight into the places where people lay down (or sit up) to rest their heads and may call home.

- Susan Spiritus

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