Towards an Uncertain Sight by Ahndraya Parlato

Issue 85

My work is invested in moments where tensions between the normal and the abnormal collapse–where things cannot be enclosed into neat containers of either subjective or objective realities, where the moments of illogic, magic, mystery, and whimsy that lie just below the surface of ordinary life are revealed by instances of rupture and chance.

Irrational images flash through our minds all the time, both in extended daydreams and in dream state. I am interested in the conflux of these "internal" images with the external images we see in the world, and how an oscillation between the two reveals the possibilities of different image-realities.

My book, A Spectacle and Nothing Strange is forthcoming this fall from Kehrer Verlag. 

Ahndraya Parlato lives and works in Rochester, NY.
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