Beneath a Greying Sky by Alan Hunter

Issue 53

Just one of the many, many misunderstood subgenres of heavy metal, black metal is rooted in the thrash and punk scenes of 1980's Scandinavia. Offensive, theatrical, violent, and often anti-Christian, earlier waves of black metal were met with hostility from the mainstream.

These days, void of the corpse paint, bloodshed, and pseudo-Satanism, a growing number of Pacific Northwest-based artists are continuing the legacy of those extreme Scandinavian forefathers with a DIY attitude, raw, unrelenting sound and strong ties to the natural environment. Struggling to survive the American climate and adapt to the convenience of an increasingly urban lifestyle, these folks are pushing the boundaries of art and music while yearning for a wilder, almost primal existence.

Inspired by the music of Seattle band, Addaura, and the words of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl; part-personal journal, part-road diary, part-documentary project, Beneath a Greying Sky is an exploration of the themes, convictions, lives, and music of the underground and somewhat controversially deemed “Cascadian black metal” scene.

Alan Hunter lives and works in Seattle, Washington.
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