Issue 62 - May 2014 - The Sixth Anniversary Issue

Photograph by Amiko Li

Photograph by Amiko Li

From the Editor:
Anniversaries are a great time to reflect. Fraction has come a long way from that Albuquerque coffee shop. And looking back, we have shown some really great work, even from the very beginning.

Issue 4 (November 2008), featured Richard Renaldi's "Touching Strangers". Issue 6 (March 2009) featured "The Spirit and the Flesh" by Debbie Fleming Caffery. Issue 10 (January 2010) featured David Maisel's "History's Shadow". Issue 11 (February 2010) featured the work of Brian Ulrich's "Dark Stores, Ghost Boxes and Dead Malls”. And that was just the beginning.

As we moved forward, we developed the annual Holiday Print Sale into a monthly sale that introduced the work of emerging artists to collectors from all over the world. A portion of revenue from these sales created the Fraction Acquisition Fund, which recently purchased work from S. Gayle Stevens and Cheryle St. Onge and gifted it to the University of New Mexico Art Museum.

In June 2014, we are launching a new website that will bring new life to the layout and better integrate social media. The Fraction blog will be resurrected to allow for guest commentary and conversations.

The work showcased in this issue was culled from the annual open call for entries from Fraction's global audience. We received photographs from more than 15 countries.

As always, I appreciate the Fraction audience and the time you spend here.

I hope you enjoy the work that is featured this month and every month.

With Gratitude,
David Bram

The 51 photographers that were selected are (in alphabetical order) :
Group 1
Delaney Allen, Tami Bahat, Brenda Bancel, Stan Banos, Daniel Barth, Ricardo Benavides, Leah Edelman Brier, Ellen Cantor, Tee Chandler, Carly Cram, Emilie Delugeau, Joy Christiansen Erb, Kiera Faber, Fran Forman, Alex Fradkin, Sarah Fuller, Jodie Goodnough, Tom Griscom, Hillerbrand-Magsamen, Corine Hormann, Kacy Johnson, Bree Lamb. Raffe Lazarian

Group 2
Amiko Li, Perry Manuk, Jennifer McClure, Charles McKean, Charles Mintz, Katie Moore, Joseph Mougel, Zora Murff, Bruce Myren, Andreas Olesen, Nan Palmero, Al Palmer, Marisa Portolese, Rudy Ramos, Sarah Riisager, Jana Romanova, Andi Schreiber, Brian Shumway, Kurt Simonson, Annick Sjobakken, Cody Swanson, Alys Tomlinson, Alison Turner, Rob Walters, Andrew MK Warren , Chris Williams, David Wolf, Cynthia Wood

Book Review

Leo Hsu reviews  Photography Beyond Technique

Leo Hsu reviews Photography Beyond Technique