Issue 71 - February 2015

From the Editor:

This year is starting off really well.  The January issue shook things up a bit, and we received a lot of great feedback from the survey we asked you to respond to. A vast majority of the those who responded have been following Fraction for more than five years and want nothing to change with the exception of a new op-ed column.  Look for this in the near future.  And thanks for taking the time to respond.

To kick off this issue, I have selected four terrific portfolios.  Clare Benson's The Shepherd's Daughter is getting a lot of attention, and I am thrilled to show the work here. She is a Fulbright Fellow and currently in Sweden working on her photography. Aaron Blum stays (somewhat) close to home to show us his most heartfelt work, A Guide to Folk Taxonomy. Shawn Bush shows us the value of money and possessions in The Process of Meaning and Worth. Rita Koehler's Rite of Ordinary takes us inside the homes of same-gendered couples in Indiana.

This issue also includes a review of Victoria Sambunaris' Taxonomy of a Landscape by Leo Hsu and Our Nature, a group show curated by Melanie McWhorter, which features 39 Fraction photographers who show nature in their own way.  I think you will be very pleased.

With Gratitude,

David Bram


The Shepherd's Daughter  by Clare Benson

The Shepherd's Daughter by Clare Benson

The Process of Meaning and Worth   by Shawn Bush

The Process of Meaning and Worth by Shawn Bush

A Guide to Folk Taxonomy  by Aaron Blum

A Guide to Folk Taxonomy by Aaron Blum

Rite of Ordinary: Interior Indiana  by Rita E. Koehler

Rite of Ordinary: Interior Indiana by Rita E. Koehler

Book Reviews

Leo Hsu reviews  Taxonomy of a Landscape  by Victoria Sambunaris

Leo Hsu reviews Taxonomy of a Landscape by Victoria Sambunaris

Group Show

Our Nature  , a group show curated by Melanie McWhorter

Our Nature, a group show curated by Melanie McWhorter


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