Issue 65 - August 2014

From the Editor:

Last month I wrote that I had met three of the four featured photographers at portfolio reviews and how I feel reviews are a valuable resource to the photographic community. I attended Review Santa Fe in June, and I met all four of the photographers featured this month at that event.  They all received their MFAs from the Hartford Art School where they were fortunate enough to study with the likes of Alec Soth, Jörg Colberg, Doug Dubois and others.

Even though the work varies greatly in content, all of the work here gets a little bit under my skin in a way that leaves me feeling uneasy, or even straight uncomfortable. Morgan Ashcom's anarchists make me anxious and feels reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy's novel, The Road.  Geoffrey Ellis' work reminds me of a rough, drug-filled weekend in Vegas, where you wake up with an internal organ missing and a new tattoo, but with no memory of anything. Adam J. Long's neighborhood may not be what it appears and the delicate front could crumble at any moment.  And Charlie Simokaitis’ work leaves me wondering, "what the hell is happening?".

You know a photograph is successful when it makes you feel something, not just see something. I think you will find many of those types of photographs here. Take time with them. Feel them. Enjoy them.

I hope you like this issue as much as I do.

With Gratitude,
David Bram


Leviathan b y Morgan Ashcom

Leviathan by Morgan Ashcom

Kenwood Avenue  by Adam J Long

Kenwood Avenue by Adam J Long

Valley of the Meadows  by Geoffrey Ellis

Valley of the Meadows by Geoffrey Ellis

With Whom Do I have the Pleasure  by Charlie Simokaitis

With Whom Do I have the Pleasure by Charlie Simokaitis

Book Review

Leo Hsu reviews "The Burn" by Jane Fulton Alt

Leo Hsu reviews "The Burn" by Jane Fulton Alt